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"Opticon - OPT 6125 Scanner"

opticon scanner The OPT 6125 is the most aggressive, fastest, lightest weight, best performing scanner yet.

The OPT 6125 continues Opticon's reputation for rugged, durable and long lasting scanners. Beneath its sleek appearance, it is a real workhorse that can take a beating and work all day long. It operates at a fast 200 scans per second.The OPT 6125 is available in popular interfaces: Keyboard wedge, RS-232 and USB.

"Argox Barcode Scanner"

argox-barcode-scanner-model-no-as-8250-250x250 Argox Barcode Scanner is one of the most popular owing to its price competency and quality. The scanner is available in factory packed and with the manuals and quality approval papers as provided by the manufacturer. We make best utilization of resources to offer competent pricing to our clients and ensure timely services, as well.


  • Light source: 660nm visible red LED
  • Optical system : 2048 pixel ccd (charge-coupled device)
  • Depth of scan field : 0-200 mm
  • Scanning width : 120mm
  • Scan speed :200 scans/sec
  • Beeper operation:7 tones or no beep
  • Indicator: Green Led.

Bs110 Platinum

tvs-barcode-scanner-model-no-bs110-platinum-250x250 The TVS Barcode Scanner offered by us is designed and made using advanced techniques.TVS Barcode Scanners that we provide are used for scanning or reading the barcodes present on any products. Owing to efficient TVS Barcode Scanners, we are catering to the needs of malls, shopping complexes, gift shops, and many others. Besides, clients can avail our TVS Barcode Scanner at the most reasonable rate.

Unitech Wireless Scanner-MS910

unitech wireless Do you need to scan barcode data into your Smartphone or Tablet app quickly and easily? Then check out the Unitech MS910 mini-wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Unitech launched its ultra compact barcode reader the MS910, which is being recognized as the smallest and most elegant design in its class. The MS910 is an “out of the box” data collection solution as well as a stylish accessory. It provides the convenience of wireless technology with the simplicity of a single-button scanning, which makes barcode data collection simple, reliable and efficient for all users. The MS910 features Unitech’s high speed decoder paired with an aggressive scan engine, which provides outstanding scanning performance up to 240 scans per second.

Unitech HT630 Mobile Computer

"27 key alphanumeric keypad"

ht630 The Unitech HT630 Mobile Computer is designed to meet your demands in various applications, ranging from Transportation and Warehousing to Mobile Sales, Field Service, Retail, Meter Reading and more. Rugged and durable, yet weighing less than 250 grams, the HT630 is easy to handle. The HT630 is well-protected by a robust housing allowing multiple 4 ft. (1.2 meter) bounces off a concrete floor.


pison workabout pro The WORKABOUT PRO is relied on every day in mobile-intensive applications such as asset tracking, meter reading, and mobile ticketing across a variety of industries such as field service, courier, retail, warehousing and manufacturing – and the list continues to grow. It’s more than a data capture device. It’s a cellphone and an intelligent workstation too, allowing your mobile workers to call customers, upload route maps, and send data back to office headquarters.

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